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Phase 3 Rhetorical Analysis Cover Letter

Bridgette Soto

English Comp 110

Professor Buchanan

Cover Letter

Love for Non- Native

In his essay titled Love for A Non-Native published in 2023, CCNY student author, Minhajul Khan asserts his profoundness of the Arabic language by addressing his life-changing experience on his journey learning the language and how it has enriched his life.  By supplying his audience with information about the Arabic language and culture Minhajul Khan builds his claim about learning to speak and write Arabic including how it helped in his religion.  He introduces the audience with feelings of awe and love for the language and religion as  he creates a spiritual and enlightening environment for the reader with information about his favorite places to study, and his instructor’s patience including the significance of every Arab word and the history behind its meaning, solidifying his claim about his love for the language.  Minhajul wishes to convey to his readers the importance of his journey to learn Arabic and the struggles and rewards of learning another language and culture.  The author’s audience likely consists of those interested in speaking Arabic or of the Muslim faith as is evident through his reference to his visit to Iraq to visit the mosque in addition to listening to the melodic recitation of the Quran.  He addresses the reader with a tone that is informative and heartfelt.

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